Update On Brock Lesnar's WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Opponent

Who will the WWE Champion face on 26 January?

Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman

Brock Lesnar will make his first WWE appearance of 2020 on tonight's episode of Raw, during which we'll likely learn his WWE Championship opponent for the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view (26 January).

This is according to Cageside Seats' daily Rumor Roundup column, though it's also heavily hinted in WWE.com's official Raw Preview, which asks: "what will 'The Conquerer' and Paul Heyman have in store for the new year? And will any Superstar dare put their future in jeopardy by stepping in his path?"

The past couple of Royal Rumbles have seen Lesnar defend the Universal Championship against fill-in opponents. In 2018, 'The Beast Incarnate' met Kane and Braun Strowman, whom he put away in just over 10 minutes, while last year's event brought an acclaimed bout with Finn Balor, who attacked Lesnar's (once) diverticulitis-ridden abdomen with smart, focused offense, only to fall to the dominant headliner.

So who could Brock face on 26 January? The midcard may provide the answer, if last year is anything to by. This is purely speculative, of course, but a guy like Aleister Black, who has been on a decent tear lately and could definitely have a great match with Lesnar, may step up.

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