Update On John Cena's Potential WWE WrestleMania 40 Role

You could possibly see John Cena at WrestleMania 40. But will you see him get physical?

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John Cena's potential role at WrestleMania 40 won't involve him getting majorly physical.

That's according to an exclusive report from PWInsider, who noted that while there are some who expect the WWE icon to be in town for the latest two-night 'Show of Shows', he won't be able to do anything massively physical for the rest of 2024.

This is because 'Super Cena' is set to begin filming the second season of Peacemaker in June, with that project then looking to finish up shooting in November in Atlanta. Shooting on that latest season of the DC series is slated to conclude around Thanksgiving.


That first James Gunn-created season of Peacemaker was seen as a big hit for Max and DC, a show where Cena plays the titular role of a mercenary who tries to achieve peace at all costs. “He’s like a douchey Captain America,” was how Cena himself once described the superhero.

So, it looks like if fans do actually see this WWE legend at 'Mania 40 this weekend, he won't be doing anything that could put that incoming project at risk.

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