Update On Lana's Injury Status, Will She Return At Royal Rumble 2021?

Is Lana fit enough to crash the 2021 Women's WWE Royal Rumble 2021?

Injured Lana

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the injuries Lana is currently dealing with aren't legit.

This comes after the star recently stated that she "can't wait to come back" in a Twitter post, with the RAW performer also noting that she has been supposedly spending time in a cast and ankle brace. However, this now appears to have been nothing more than a work as she could in fact announce her return during Sunday's Royal Rumble match. This theory is also bolstered by that fact that WWE reportedly originally intended to write the star off television for six weeks when she was "kayfabe" sidelined by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

If Lana does make her comeback at the Rumble, speculation seems to suggest that she could be responsible for eliminating Nia Jax from the 30-Woman encounter as revenge for the weeks of physically bullying she was on the receiving end of from the 'Irresistible Force'.


As of writing, there are still a number of open spots in the Women's iteration of the titular match, with the likes of Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey just two of the other high profile names being rumoured to return on the night.

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