Update On Lars Sullivan's WWE Status, Conflicting Reports

NXT graduate no-showed both Raw and SmackDown.

Lars Sullivan

This past week, The Wrestling Observer reported that the latest call-up from NXT, Lars Sullivan, was scheduled to compete in a match on Monday's Raw from Orlando. Apparently, Sullivan either did not turn up to the building, or left before his bout, with the reason being given as an anxiety attack.

After working through his issues with WWE management, Sullivan's dark match was instead rescheduled for Tuesday's SmackDown from Jacksonville, FL. Unfortunately, he again missed the show, and was said to have flown back to his home in Colorado.

Prior to this week's double no-show, Sullivan had been slated for a WrestleMania 35 match opposite John Cena. Those plans are now believed to be under reconsideration.


Adding some intrigue to the story, @WrestleVotes noted that Sullivan was in neither Orlando nor Jacksonville this past week, and had not flown home to Colorado. Instead, their sources suggest he failed to turn up completely.

If Sullivan is suffering from legitimate mental health problems, then that's something his employers need to treat with the correct degree of understanding and compassion. Punishment booking is not the answer - though obviously, WWE reserves the right to alter plans in accordance with the talent they have available.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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