Update On Mark Briscoe Following Jay Briscoe's Tragic Passing

Family friend provides update on Jamin Pugh's brother Mark after last week's tragedy.

Jay Briscoe family

A close family friend of the late Jamin Pugh (Jay Briscoe) has provided an update from Pugh's brother Mark, as well as offering updates on Jamin's daughters Gracie, 12 and Jayleigh, 9.

Speaking at length during a Facebook Live post, close confidant Josh Wharton said (h/t Wrestling Observer);

“The one thing that stuck out to me...I can't imagine going through this not being a believer. He, and you guys reading the Bible, realize that our time here on Earth is a small glimpse in our existence. [Mark] realizes that we're going to see him again and he's hoping to use this as a tool to motivate people to get into heaven with us, use Jamin's untimely death as a witness almost to get people to come to heaven with him.”

Wharton also noted that Mark had sent him a text reading ”'GOD IS ON THE THRONE. That’s all I got bro.”


His latest on Gracie was that she had worked with physical and occupational therapists over the last several days, that her strength was improving, and that on that day she assisted with her transfer into a wheelchair using a sideboard. He also added that she has been able to be up for a while to play games and watch movies with her family. Meanwhile, Jayleigh had her NG feeding tube removed over the weekend and within hours could eat “as much as she pleases," and was said to be much happier. She too worked with physical and occupational therapists and was able to do her first stand transfer into her wheelchair.

Further to the amount already raised on a GiveSendGo, Pro Wrestling Tees have now released a t-shirt with 100% of the proceeds going to the family.

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