Update On Potentially Game-Changing WWE Returns

Is WWE about to enter comeback season under Triple H's creative lead?

Triple H

A second outlet has effectively backed up Monday's report that Sasha Banks and Naomi are heading towards what would be a sensational pair of WWE returns.

WrestlingNews.co had stated prior to last night's Raw that the former Women's Tag Team Champions had reached an agreement to return to the promotion, potentially on the show a few hours later. This didn't end up happening, though the report stated that even if they weren't on Raw, WWE would likely aim to get Banks and Naomi back on television before long.

Now, in the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online's latest Daily Update, Dave Meltzer stated that Banks and Naomi are "moving in that direction." While unable to confirm if anything had been signed at the time of writing, Meltzer noted that people within WWE expected it to happen.


The absent duo have been missing from WWE since walking out on a Raw taping in May, leaving their Women's Tag Team Champions on the desk of then-Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis after an unproductive meeting with now-deposed Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. WWE stripped the duo of their belts and suspended them indefinitely later that week.

Banks and Naomi's contract status has been the subject of much speculation since then. This is particularly true for Sasha, who, at one point, was reported to have been released by WWE.

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