Update On Randy Orton's WWE Status

Latest info on why Randy Orton hasn't been seen on WWE TV since late-June.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton is currently on WWE's "disabled/inactive" list.

Fightful Select reported that this is why the 'Viper' hasn't been seen on WWE television since losing a Money In The Bank qualifying match to John Morrison on the 21 June Raw. The site also claims there's no heat between wrestler and employer - Orton is just inactive, and nobody seems keen to explain exactly why.

Fightful did also say that WWE are keen to get Randy back for the 2 August Raw. That'd give the promotion just enough time to restore Orton's 'RK-Bro' tag-team with Riddle and motor the pair towards a Raw Tag-Team Title shot opposite AJ Styles and Omos at SummerSlam several weeks later.


Why not, eh?

There are no injury reports for Randy, but it's curious that he's missed a month of TV for no apparent reason. Regardless, he's expected back soon, and should resume some odd couple banter with his tripped-out babyface pal/nuisance imminently.


Riddle has been a bit lost without Orton lately. Both men gelled quickly as a unit and showed good chemistry on the mic, so it's a bit weird that Randy suddenly became "inactive".

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