Update On Sami Zayn's WWE Documentary

Will we get to see a full length cut of the greatest WWE conspiracy documentary of our time?

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Sami Zayn's ongoing WWE conspiracy documentary will eventually be available to view for fans in full, according to Fightful Select.

The last few months have seen Zayn adopt a gimmick which revolves around the star's concerns over a "conspiracy" against him in the land of WWE. Zayn has become so convinced that those in charge are trying to hold him down, he's gone out of his way to hire a documentary team to film his struggle against this apparent injustice.

Needless to say, the documentary schtick has worked a treat, with Zayn diving head-first into the crazed underdog role. However, this isn't just a tool to get over this version of his character, the doc is actually a genuine WWE Network/Peacock production that fans will be able to witness at some stage down the line. There's even talk of some of the footage being used for a video package on Friday Night SmackDown on FOX.


It should come as no surprise to hear that Zayn has once again used his creative brilliance to take what could have been a flash in the pan accessory and turned it into one of the most compelling running gimmicks the blue brand has to offer.

Release the Sami Cut already, you cowards!


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