Update On Sasha Banks's WWE Injury Status And Return

The Boss is missing but for how long?

Sasha Banks is out of action with an MCL knee injury, PWInsider are reporting. However, she won't need surgery, and is expected back in February. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has also been noted on her being hurt, but Sasha is contradicting the stories. She denied being hurt last week, and this week replied "prob just need to get a life! That might help" when a fan messaged her saying that Dave Meltzer needed new sources. It is a strange one, with industry insiders saying she's hurt, while she's saying she isn't. Clearly, there is something up, or why wouldn't she have been on television? She hasn't been featured since the last Raw of 2015. WWE are running with Charlotte versus Becky Lynch, so it isn't as if Banks is a great loss to the company right now, but she'd have likely featured in some filler matches if available. She is a very good worker and is always enjoyable to watch. Upon returning, she looks destined to have her own title feud with Charlotte in the longer term. As for criticising Meltzer, it perhaps shows a level of naivety in the new generation. Banks is only 23, and perhaps unaware of just how connected the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is with WWE.
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