Update On Tenille Dashwood's Impact Wrestling Status

The former Emma returned to Impact earlier this morning.

Impact Wrestling

Tenille Dashwood has signed a contract making her exclusive to Impact Wrestling, reports Fightful Select.

It is stated that Dashwood has no desire to work for any other wrestling promotion while she is happy in Impact, having explored every option available to her prior to inking this new contract. Tenille, who "can't picture wrestling not being in her life," was swayed by Impact prioritising her as an important signing. The length of the deal hasn't been disclosed.

The 31-year-old has been associated with the Anthem-helmed promotion since July 2019. She signed with the company three months after departing from Ring of Honor but didn't debut until the following month, immediately launching into a program opposite then-Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie, though she had been absent for six months prior to re-emerging on 1 September 2020.


Dashwood's wrestling activities have fluctuated greatly since she left WWE in October 2017. 2018 saw her sidelined with a torn labrum, shoulder fracture, and flare-up of an old autoimmune disease, forcing her out for almost a full year before she re-emerged in 2019, only to be written out of ROH via an angle with Bully Ray.

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