Update On WWE's Creative Plans For Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley is listed separately from her Judgment Day stablemates on WWE's format sheets.

dominick mysterio rhea ripley

PWInsider is reporting that recent returnee Rhea Ripley is listed as a babyface on WWE's internal roster sheets. Interestingly, the rest of Judgment Day is currently still listed as heels.

Most fans won't be too surprised to learn this after hearing the booming response Ripley got when making her comeback on Monday's episode of Raw. Fans were thrilled to see Rhea back on TV, and there's more to come from her ongoing feud with Liv Morgan.


Dominik Mysterio will obviously still play a major part in that story too.

It's understood that WWE will position 'Mami' as the concrete face in this ongoing love interest tale involving Liv and 'Dirty Dom'. The fun thing there is that Morgan trying to get underneath Ripley's skin is almost entirely justified. After all, it was Rhea who previously poked fun at Liv after injuring her.


This is revenge.

Expect to see creative continue to tweak Ripley's presentation in coming weeks. Whether or not she splits from Judgment Day full time is up for debate, but that's also possible if Rhea really catches fire with fans.


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