Update On WWE's New Blood Policy

Is blood, blood, BLOOD about to be WWE's biggest comeback since The Rock?

Rock Cody Rhodes

Blood won't become a regular tool in WWE again, at least according to Wrestling Observer chief Dave Meltzer. In short, that means the company won't be following AEW's lead by letting wrestlers spill the red stuff whenever they like during matches and/or segments.

Tony Khan's promotion has a lax policy on blood, which is why top stars like Jon Moxley get busted open frequently mid-bout on TV. Meltzer says WWE plans to slap restrictions on claret, but that doesn't mean fans won't see more intense moments like the one from Monday's Raw between The Rock and a gushing Cody Rhodes either.


Blood definitely added heat to that scenario, so it'll likely be used for higher-profile feuds (at least sporadically) going forwards.

WWE sources told The Observer that blood will be used "very rarely" and only for special occasions. Some will read this and think, 'Magic! Hell In A Cell is back!'. Watch this space on that. For now, just know that blood won't become a weekly part of Triple H's product post-Vince McMahon.

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