Update On WWE's Plans For The Women's Tag-Team Titles

WWE has finally announced plans for the belts Sasha Banks and Naomi vacated.

Sasha Banks Naomi

WWE will start a tournament to crown brand new Women's Tag-Team Champions on Monday's episode of Raw.

Go-to authority figure Adam Pearce announced online that the company will finally get round to replacing walkout pair Sasha Banks and Naomi in the championship hot seat(s). WWE also confirmed the tourney during last night's edition of SmackDown, but no teams have been revealed as of yet.

Sasha and Naomi walked out on the promotion before its 16 May flagship went live - there didn't seem to be any road back for them until Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE either. Now, with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan calling the shots, a comeback may be on the cards.


First things first though: WWE will crown new champs soon.

There's always a worry that these tournaments will be stacked full of temporary female tags. WWE has done a seriously poor job of establishing full-time teams in this division over the years, and Monday comes too soon for them to start now.


Here's hoping those belts get some more long-term love now that McMahon is out of the frame.

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