Update: WWE Has NOT Released Sasha Banks And Naomi

WWE has stopped selling Sasha Banks and Naomi merch, but they're still under contract.

Sasha Banks Naomi

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp is reporting that neither Sasha Banks nor Naomi have been released from their WWE contracts following Monday's walkout before Raw began.

However, merchandise for both wrestlers has been removed from the WWE Shop page. That's an intriguing wrinkle, because it doesn't really make sense that Vince McMahon would willingly cease making money from stars he still has locked down under deals.

This news comes hot on the heels of WWE suspending Banks and Naomi then stripping them of the Women's Tag-Team Titles. The company clearly wants to punish both, and presumably figures that hitting them in the pocket by restricting merch sales is the way to go.


Again though, that also costs WWE some cash flow.

Banks and Naomi reportedly marched into backstage offices, laid their titles on the desk and said they were going home. WWE quickly moved to put out a statement that pointed the finger of blame squarely at both wrestlers.


The drama has been added to by further suggestions that Naomi and Sasha only have two short months left on their respective WWE deals. This controversy isn't over - not by a long shot, but both remain under contract for now.

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