Updated WWE WrestleMania 32 Card - Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Added

Six diva bout also looks to be added.

WWE have confirmed the third annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal will be taking place at WrestleMania 32. No competitors have been announced yet. The list of confirmed bouts now ranks to six matches -
The Usos versus The Dudley Boyz The Andre The Giant Battle Royal Charlotte (C) versus Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch - Divas Title Dean Ambrose versus Brock Lesnar - Street Fight Shane McMahon versus The Undertaker - Hell In A Cell Triple H (C) versus Roman Reigns WWE Title
A six diva bout is also a possibility to be added to the card. Lana teaming with Tamina and Naomi against Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and Paige is being developed on Raw and WWE's social media accounts. Grahame's Take The Mania card makes grim reading. To be fair, it isn't all WWE's fault, as injuries have been an issue. Nevertheless, the creative hasn't been good enough and some of the Mania bookings just aren't that interesting. The Andre bout means nothing, as demonstrated by what happened with the last two winners. As for The Usos and Dudley Boyz, it is nothing more than a Raw match. The main events are also beset by problems. Ambrose versus Lesnar, and McMahon versus Undertaker, is babyface against babyface booking. As for Roman Reigns tackling Triple H, the fans are intent on booing The Big Dog. There's still additions that could be made to the card, notably Kevin Owens defending his Intercontinental Title in a multi person match, and The New Day defending their belts against The League Of Nations. There's also names like Chris Jericho, AJ Styles and Sami Zayn to account for. But with six matches already booked, the Mania card is certainly looking close to completion. Hopefully on the night there'll be some in-ring performances that make the event more memorable than the build.
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