Updates On WWE Returns Of Samoa Joe And Xavier Woods

A less frightening bedtime story.

Samoa Joe Xavier Woods

Take the following reports with a healthy dose of cynicism, for they were "broken" by the unverified depths of Reddit rumour-mongering.

User 'looselipsbackstage' does have a decent batting average. "This week's RAW is going to be dry" doesn't exactly require a crystal ball, but they did correctly guess or were reliably informed of Hell In A Cell's running order, and they were also informed of the Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio bait-and-switch that ultimately resulted in Brock Lesnar's annihilation of Dominick back in September.

Xavier Woods may return ahead of schedule since suffering an achilles tear in October. Per the Reddit user, Woods' evaluation date has been moved from July of 2020 to May of that year, which is more or less consistent with Woods' own words to CBS Sports, in which he claimed there was a lot of "wiggle room".


On a similar note, doctors are scheduled to evaluate Samoa Joe's thumb injury on December 30, which should, if successful, put him in the plans for WrestleMania season, which is welcome news. Joe has experienced rotten luck with the biggest day of the year throughout his WWE career, resulting from injuries to both himself and his opponents.

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