US Title Triple Threat Set For WWE Survivor Series 2022

Rollins decides that recent assailants should get an opportunity to get stomped.

Seth Rollins what a man

Seth Rollins will defend his WWE United States Championship against both Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory at Survivor Series this weekend.

The match, announced on Raw this Monday night, was a Rollins request after both men had targeted the champ in recent weeks, with Lashley battering him two weeks ago and Theory unsuccessfully attempting to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase for the secondary title.

The match follows typical WWE logic, as proximity rather than in-ring success dictates opportunity. Lashley had won just one match since losing the US title to Rollins last month, which was last week against Mustafa Ali. Theory had landed just two singles win since mid-August coming into this week, plus his catastrophically bad cash-in attempt.


But both challengers have assaulted Rollins recently, so that was enough for Rollins to put his title on the line at Survivor Series. Lashley confronted and then assaulted Theory after the former MITB winner had defeated Ali Monday night, with that attack somehow ending with Austin fleeing and Mustafa taking the brunt of Lashley's fury.


Either way, the match should be really good, considering the participants, and "guys attacked me so I'm going to beat them in a single match" is the kind of crazy babyface thing that champs sometimes do.

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