Vader Reportedly Offered MMA Fight Contract

Would he stand a chance in the cage at this point?

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader has reportedly been offered a fight by an unnamed mixed martial arts promotion in the U.S. Details are vague, but the sixty year old, real name Leon White, is apparently weighing the offer, which is being reported as a $5,000 to show sort of deal (there would potentially be a win bonus on top of that). While no organization was named, rest assured it was not the UFC, or likely even Bellator MMA - though they have shown interest in signing on pro wrestlers in the past, and have been linked to both Alberto Del Rio and Bill Goldberg at various times. That said, it's unlikely that any major MMA outfit would want to take on the risk inherent in having a sixty year old man compete in a cage fight, which will likely eliminate Bellator, and even the WSOF, as possibilities. There are a number of regional promotions that would likely be interested, however, as Vader in a cage fight would bring wrestling eyeballs as well as MMA fans looking to witness a trainwreck. Assuming of course he could pass the physical. There have been several fighters in MMA who managed to still go into their late 40s, and even fifties, notably Dan Severn, who finished his career with over 100 wins in MMA in his mid-fifties. That said, Vader, known for being a tough, intense guy who didn't mind taking serious hits in his younger years, has zero professional MMA fights, though he has reportedly talked of opening an MMA gym in the past. In his earlier days he was drafted by the NFL's L.A. Rams, but was forced to retire due to injury, after which he headed into the professional wrestling world. Any state athletic commission would have to take a real hard look at even considering licensing him, so take this all with a big grain of salt. That said, he was wrestling for TNA as recently as this year. Is Vader in the cage a good idea? No. Would it draw? Almost certainly.
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