Veteran Star Debuts New Ring Gear On WWE Raw

Who got themselves some fresh new attire on last night's WWE Raw?

WWE Raw set

Finn Balor made a big change to his ring attire on last night's WWE Raw, ditching his signature trunks for a pair of full-length tights.

The Irishman, who had worn trunks stretching all the way back to his formative years on the independent scene over a decade ago, appears to have tweaked his in-ring aesthetic to better fit his role in The Judgment Day. Thus, Balor decked himself out in black full-lengths with a purple bandana hanging out of one of his pockets.

This was for a tag team match pitting Balor and Judgment Day stablemate Priest against rivals Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Although the Mysterios had promised to teach the heels a lesson, they had to settle for a disqualification victory, with Finn getting disqualified after Rey bumped for a non-existent chairshot behind the referee's back (borrowing from Eddie Guerrero's playbook).


The Judgment Day scored revenge later in the evening, destroying the Mysterios in a backstage ambush. Thus, the feud continues.

Raw's 6 June episode saw Balor turn heel and cement himself as The Judgment Day's new leader, compelling existing members Rhea Ripley and Priest to turn on Edge. Edge is yet to return to WWE programming following a ConChairTo-led beating.

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