VICE's Dark Side Of The Ring UK Release Date Revealed

The gripping second series is making its way to British TV.

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The critically acclaimed second season of VICE's wrestling documentary series Dark Side of the Ring will finally make its way to British screens in June.

After a stateside release earlier this year, the docuseries narrated by none other than Chris Jericho will finally debut in Britain on VICE TV at 10 pm on June 8th, with companion series Dark Side of the Ring: After Dark launching one week later on the same channel.

The episodes featured will mirror the original release order in the US, with the two-parter covering the Chris Benoit tragedy first to air, and the rest of the series airing on a weekly basis in the same timeslot. The second season proved hugely popular in America, garnering record rating's for the Vice TV, with the Benoit episode pulling in 1.2 million total views according to Yahoo News.


Though many dedicated fans may have already found a way to catch up with the gripping series, the release will expose the documentaries to a wider audience here in the UK.

British viewers can also catch up on the entirety of the first season of Dark Side of the Ring on Channel 4's on-demand service All 4.


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