Vickie Guerrero Reveals Why She Chose AEW Over A WWE Return

"No hesitation - put it that way".


Vickie Guerrero revealed the real reason why she chose to make her new home in AEW rather than vying for a return to WWE during an interview with Simon Hannig of Daily DDT's Fansided.

She told Hannig that she'd already made it clear that she was never going back to WWE when she retired from the company back in 2014. That meant the place wasn't even on her radar when AEW came calling - the fact Vickie has friends like Cody Rhodes and Dean Malenko around All Elite made the decision even easier.

Plus, Guerrero "fell in love" with how AEW treats their talent.


Since debuting as a heel manager for Nyla Rose, Vickie says she has been having a "great time", and can't imagine being anywhere else right now. She also revealed that she and WWE had some "difference of opinions and things going on", and that she had "no hesitation" when it came to inking an AEW deal.

By the sounds of it, fans shouldn't expect to see Guerrero back in WWE at all, let alone any time soon. She's delighted to be part of AEW's rise and isn't looking back.

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