Vince McMahon's 10 Biggest Failures

The chairman of WWE has a terrible track record with outside projects.

As tends to be the case for historical conquerors, there are two schools of thought: those who praise the complicated figure for his achievements and acumen, and those who condemn him for causing mass destruction.

Although he is undoubtedly the greatest promoter in pro wrestling history, Vince McMahon has been criticized lately for being stubborn, ignorant, and out of touch. With ratings plummeting and longtime fans drifting away, pundits are wondering what the chairman of WWE will do to shift the tide.

None of their suggestions were to open an amusement park. Yet, international entertainment design firm Forrec recently released a pamphlet showcasing "WWE Branded Attractions", which included rides such as Road to WrestleMania, WWE House of Horrors, and an Andre the Giant fun house. It seems like the logical next step in the McMahon Empire’s global multimedia expansion, accompanying a streaming network, publisher, production studio, and record label. But the timing just doesn’t feel right.

History dictates that when McMahon takes his bloodshot eye off the ball, his primary product suffers.

Additionally, his new products never reach the level of success as his version of good ol’ fashioned wrasslin’.


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