Vince McMahon Can't Seem To Make Up His Mind About WWE's New Day

Vince flip-flops on breaking them up, what to call them... usual stable leadership.

Kofi Kingston Big E New Day 2022

By this point, we're all used to reports about Vince McMahon running WWE on an ever-changing series of whims that contradict themselves and confuse everyone around. But this latest report about the New Day is just baffling and tough to follow.

We know that WWE has gotten some mileage out of separating Big E from his stablemates Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, but the former WWE Champion was suddenly moved back to SmackDown last month and partnered with his mates again. Only, Fightful Select reports that Vince has issued one of his nutty edicts, decreeing that Kofi and E not be called "New Day," but rather be referred to by their names as a duo (King Woods is still out with an injury). The report says he was "adamant" about this renaming.

This message apparently didn't reach everyone though, as the tandem was referenced as New Day on WWE's YouTube channel initially, but that has since been corrected. This continued Friday, as the tron graphics called them "The New Day," but the chyron and announcers clearly branded them, "Kofi Kingston & Big E."


Vince apparently was also adamant about putting New Day back together because he "missed the magic that they created together." But, the report notes, McMahon also preferred they be split up in the last two WWE drafts because he believes that "a top babyface (Big E) should be on their own in most situations." Several pitches were made to keep the trio together at the time, but Vince must've been (wait for it...) adamant.

Got all that? Vince wanted them separated so Big E had to stand on his own, but wanted them back together because he missed their act, but he doesn't want them referred to as New Day despite being known by that name for more than seven years.

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