Vince McMahon Just Got $177 Million Richer

The global health crisis isn't hurting the big man's personal wealth...

Vince McMahon Money

Vince McMahon remains rich as hell despite everything currently going on in the world.

A new editorial by the Middletown Press focuses on eight Connecticut billionaires and how their wealth has somehow increased during the ongoing global health crisis, reporting that Vince McMahon's net worth has jumped by 9.8% between March and June. That is approximately $177 million in monetary terms, meaning that his total net worth is now $1.977 billion. The above is based on data issued by several different advocacy groups and uses Forbes' real-time billionaire estimates.

2019 actually saw Vince's net worth fall from $2.9 billion to under $2 billion, per an ESPN report.


Roughly 400,000 Connecticut residents have been made redundant during the health crisis. Vince, meanwhile, just keeps getting richer.

The global situation didn't truly impact WWE until March, when the promotion was forced into running empty arena shows in Orlando, Florida. Cost-cutting measures followed, with the company releasing or furloughing dozens of independent contractors in April, despite forecasting record-breaking profits even if they don't run another attended event all year.


Current rumours point towards WWE running with live audiences again in September, though this is dependent on the health crisis.

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