Vince McMahon Reportedly Keen To Regain Wrestling "Monopoly"

Could NXT's influence expand beyond NXT UK into other territories?

The Wrestling Observer reports that Vince McMahon and former Co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson differed greatly on their respective visions for WWE's financial future.

Both parties agreed that WWE should increase profits ASAP, but couldn't see eye-to-eye on the need to invest in talent and (further) maintain their stronghold on marketable talents already under contract. That, according to WON, is partly why Barrios and Wilson left the organisation.

One of McMahon's grand plans for the future is to re-assert the monopoly over the pro wrestling market he once enjoyed. The rise of companies like New Japan and AEW has threatened Vince's control, and Dave Meltzer says he wants it back.


Meltzer's rumour mill suggests that McMahon might expand the NXT brand beyond the UK and look to build similar grassroots projects in Japan, Germany, Australia, Mexico and Canada too.

For now, WWE are reportedly focusing on offering meaty deals to talents so they don't end up working elsewhere or become disgruntled. McMahon also wants to stockpile as many new talents as he can to stop others signing them.


Is WWE's once-ironclad grip on the market share loosening? Only time will tell.

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