Vince McMahon Shot Down WWE Plans For THIS Aleister Black Title Reign

Aleister Black almost won a title on Raw - Vince McMahon changed his mind, but why?

Aleister Black

Aleister Black openly addressed his WWE release via Twitch. Whilst he was positive about some things, the expert striker didn't shy away from the lack of long-term creative planning in the company. Black also discussed the time he was supposed to win a championship before Vince McMahon scrapped the idea.

Black considered this cancellation a good sign that the boss was keen on him.

WWE's writing team wanted to shove the United States gold on Aleister mid-pandemic last year, but McMahon stepped in and said that wasn't the time for a title win. The boss believed that winning the belt without a live crowd present would hamper Black's moment, which the wrestler appreciated.


Perhaps weirdly, Vince didn't feel this way about other major title changes; Big E, for example, won the Intercontinental Title in front of the ThunderDome screens, and the company has booked countless other belt changes without live crowds.

Who knows why Black's situation was deemed different.


Again though, Aleister thought it was a plus that Vince wanted him to win a title in front of fans. He'd never get to enjoy that moment.

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