Vince McMahon Talks Firing Paul Heyman As Head Of WWE Raw

What did the boss think of Heyman's work?


Vince McMahon openly discussed his thoughts on Paul Heyman's run as 'Executive Director' of Raw during WWE’s Second Quarter earnings call with investors for 2020.

Brandon Ross of Lightshed Partners asked McMahon, amongst other things, to explain why Heyman had been fired from the role and to elaborate on what his plans were for Raw over the next four months or so. According to Vince, Raw and SmackDown are pursuing a "more youthful" feel when it comes to talent that are presented.

On Heyman, McMahon said the former ECW head did a "very good job in terms of creativity", but refused to throw him under a bus. Instead, the WWE chief pivoted towards crediting Triple H for the extra work he has done on all three major brands.


There was no senseless Heyman bashing to speak of.

McMahon did say that Brandon's first question, which included everything from COVID-19 chat to Heyman, was a mouthful. He refused to distance himself from Q1 claims that WWE's strategy involved working closely with creative to ensure that youth is pushed ahead of everything else.


As most know from his year in charge, that was Paul E's mantra too. It hasn't changed now he's out of the pressure position.

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