Vince McMahon Told This WWE Star: "Some Of My Top Guys Can't Cut Promos Like That"

WWE boss McMahon was VERY complimentary when dissecting this female star's mic work.

Carmella James Ellsworth

Carmella has told Ryan Satin's 'Out Of Character' podcast that Vince McMahon was once very complimentary of her promo skills, and that his positivity about her mic skills changed WWE booking.

The heel had just won a first-ever women's Money In The Bank ladder match back in 2017, but the company planned to switch the briefcase over to someone else over the coming few weeks. Then, 'Mella cut a fiery promo on SmackDown about how she was the one who really deserved it - she also said she wouldn't tolerate internet trolls who gleefully pointed out that it was James Ellsworth, not her, who hauled down the case on pay-per-view.

Vinnie Mac loved it.


He pulled Carmella to one side when she returned backstage and told her, "Some of my top guys can’t even cut a promo like that". That high praise left the wrestler giddy, and WWE immediately decided that she should win a rematch on TV outright.

All that social media drama, and the outrage fans had about Ellsworth's involvement, had put a smile on McMahon's face. That smile got bigger when he watched 'Mella seize the moment.

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