Vince McMahon Wanted Recently-Released WWE Star To "Talk Like A Weatherman"

And now for the weather...


Impact Wrestling's EC3 recently appeared on Chris Jericho's 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast to discuss, amongst other things, why his latest WWE run didn't work out.

Following a promising re-start in NXT, EC3 was called up to Raw and then...the company proceeded to do absolutely nothing of note with him. On the pod, Carter recalled a rather startling conversation with Vince McMahon about his promo work.

McMahon was worried that EC3 might be "a little over the top". When Carter asked him how many of his promos the WWE boss had seen, Vince said he'd only watched one. That told EC3 everything he needed to know, but he pressed on.


Later, when EC3 asked for direction, McMahon said he wanted him to "speak like a weatherman". In other words, WWE wanted the guy to be monotone, one-dimensional and passive rather than OTT, entertaining and in-your-face.

A curious decision in a company where character is king, to say the least.


Vince also described EC3 as someone who isn't "super flashy", then said that was fine because some of his "top draws were never the flashy guys".

A weatherman though?

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