Vince McMahon Would Consider Selling WWE

WWE Chairman says, "We are open for business."

Vince mcmahon

During Thursday's WWE third quarter earnings conference call with Vince McMahon and chief strategy and financial officer George Barrios, the company's chairman revealed that he would consider selling his family's promotion under the right circumstances.

The question as asked referenced other recent corporate moves, including AT&T's $85 billion bid for Time Warner earlier this week, and the more relevant $4 billion sale of Ultimate Fighting Championship to WME, while proposing that a similar sale could benefit shareholders. McMahon replied, mentioning that he has considered the idea of a sale, but he also appreciates the idea of being able to control his own destiny. While he did voice concern with the amount of control he and his family would retain after such a sale, he did say that he would have to consider the right deal.

When the questioner continued the conversation, asking McMahon about the prospect of a merger deal that would keep him in his current position, the WWE chairman seemed more amenable, replying "We are open for business."


Since the sale of UFC in July, speculation has run rampant as to whether WWE could get a similar sum for the company. Though WWE's stock valuation is strong, the company is far less profitable than UFC.


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