Vince McMahon's Mother Dies Aged 101

WWE boss Vince McMahon's mother Vicki recently passed away. Rest in peace.

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Vince McMahon's mother has sadly passed away aged 101.

Vicki Askew died quietly of natural causes at her home in The Woodlands, Texas on 20 January. She was born on 11 July 1920 in Florence, South Carolina, and was the only daughter of parents Orpheus William Hanner and Victoria Kennedy Hanner.

Vicki gave birth to Vince on 24 August 1945. He'd go on to revolutionise the pro wrestling industry as head of WWE, and the company is obviously still going strong as the market leader today. It's McMahon's legacy and passion. Askew's main passion? Tennis. Vicki reportedly adored the game and continued playing it well into her 90s, which is incredible.


She also sang in numerous church choirs and was said to have a "beautiful soprano voice" in her obituary.

Askew's funeral was a private family affair and took place on 22 January. There's no word on exactly who attended, but that's personal business for Vince and family. Tragically, Vince's brother Rod had also passed away one year to the day before their mother.


All here at WhatCulture extend our condolences to the entire McMahon family for their loss.

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