Vince Russo's 10 Insights Into The Montreal Screwjob

"Holy crap-that was the finish I gave Vince at his house!"

There are people that say I have both a warped and corrupted imagination---and they are absolutely right. However, even within the inner sanctum of my demented mind, I never could've imagined that an incident 17 years ago would still be such wrestling folklore all this time later. I hate calling it the €œMontreal Screw Job€, but I guess that€™s how everybody refers to it. Somebody definitely got screwed that night of November 9, 1997, however if you ask the question €œWHO actually screwed WHO€, you€™re going to get several different opinions depending on the involvement of those you talk to. To set the background, there are two things you must know pertaining to the background of this infamous night. For starters, as a shoot, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels absolutely despised each other. Wait a minute . . . no . . . just let me say it---HATED EACH OTHER! These were two totally different cats, from two totally different walks of life, with two totally different mind sets and values. They were just polar opposites. Bret Hart was a proud Canadian who actually fancied himself as a €œhero€. Shawn in contrast had no interest in being a role model. At that time he was cocky, brash arrogant, and perhaps he had every reason to be because he was JUST THAT GOOD! Also what comes into play here is that the Monday Night Wars had officially started between WCW and the WWE. Arriving to this legendary night, the WWE was experiencing financial woes at the time, so Vince McMahon had told Bret Hart that he couldn€™t afford to renew his contract, and that Bret was free to negotiate with Eric Bischoff and the rival company. Not only did Bret take Vince up on that, but Bret agreed to a contract with WCW shortly thereafter---WHILE he was still working with the WWE. Vince was well aware with this, was cool with it, so the two made the decision that they would be finishing Bret up either at the upcoming Survivor Series---or€”shortly thereafter. OK, now that you have the background of the story---let€™s start rolling out the facts.

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