Vince Russo's 14 Undeserved WWE Hall Of Fame Snubs

"Unless Savage had an AFFAIR WITH LINDA---it doesn’t warrant this OUTRAGEOUS snub"

Who's voting anyway? I have publicly stated in the past that I am a HUGE advocate for the WWE Hall of Fame. Being a part of the professional wrestling community for some 23 years now, I have both the understanding and the insight into just how difficult a career in the wrestling profession is. These unique, gifted and TREMENDOUSLY talented athletes forfeit in many instances their entire lives when they step between the ropes for the fans. From the physical injuries, to the non-forgiving gruelling schedule, the heartbreak of leaving their families behind on a weekly basis, the psychological torture of the management head games that come into play, the over-use of prescription medication to just get through the €œnext match€... the list is endless concerning what these individuals must endure throughout their careers. Unless you€™ve been behind that curtain yourself, you€™ll never truly understand. And, that is the reason why I firmly believe that at one time or another€”EVERYBODY and ANYBODY who ever laced up a set of boots---should be inducted once their career is over. Make sense€”doesn€™t it? How many of these greats actually had control of their gimmick, or their angle, or the outcome of their matches. It was all pre-determined for them! If such is the case, then is there any reason why they all shouldn€™t get to bask in the spotlight? Yeah, I€™m talking the €œBrooklyn Brawler, €œIron€ Mike Sharp, and Dwayne Gill. They all entertained us as much as the headliners, but their roles were just written and produced differently. Let€™s face it, every time €œSpecial Delivery€ Jones step into the squared circle and gave his all, he was giving his body on the same par that his opponent the Iron Sheik was€”wasn€™t he? Put them all in€”give them all their day. It€™s a fictional business€”nobody really €œbeat€ anybody else. Unfortunately---that will never happen, so what I€™m going to closely look at today is the €œUnlucky 14€ that has been snubbed by the WWE Hall of Fame, and the probable reasons why.

14. Sid

To me, when I think of the WWE HOF, the first thing that enters my mind is those unique, flamboyant, over the top individuals who entertained me throughout my life as a wrestling fan. I€™m talking about those that when their music hit, and they walked through that entrance, you stopped everything you were doing to watch. The stars that were much, much bigger than our mediocre lives. Sid Eudy was one of those guys. A former two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion (which really is irrelevant because as stated earlier€”nobody ever €œreally€ beat anybody), Sid was a physical specimen that stood out among his world of grappling giants. And, to me, it was never really about Sid€™s work, because quite honestly I never really noticed, it was his suspension of disbelief that he provided the fans with his every power bomb, or choke slam. You BELIEVED what Sid was doing was indeed real. From his pure, brute strength, to his facials in both the way he delivered and sold---Sid made wrestling seem about as real as it could get. But, honestly, here was the money with Sid as far as I was concerned---he cut the most UNDERRATED promos in the history of the business. Sid€™s pre-tapes were GOLD, and he took great, great pride in them. He worked hard at crafting that skill knowing that there were two sides to being a start in the wrestling business€”your in-ring work and your microphone skills. Why isn€™t he in the Hall? From what I was could gather, I guess at times Sid wasn€™t the easiest talent for management to work with. However, to his defence, true talents aren€™t supposed to be easy to work with. After all, that€™s what makes them stars isn€™t it?

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