Wade Barrett Returns To WWE This Week

I'm afraid we've got some GOOD news...

Wade Barrett

Former WWE wrestler Wade Barrett will return to the promotion on tonight's episode of NXT, Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin has confirmed.

Per the write-up, Barrett will work a special guest commentary spot on tonight's black and gold show, though it looks like a one-off deal. The five-time Intercontinental Championship has not signed a contract to return to the promotion full-time.

This will be the first time the Englishman has appeared for WWE since his 2016 release. Let go shortly after WrestleMania 32, he was beaten down by his League of Nations stablemates for his write-out, having informed the promotion he wouldn't be signing a new deal ahead of time. He returned to wrestling under his real name, Stu Bennett, working as both a commentator and General Manager for WCPW/Defiant, as well as making appearances with World of Sport and Lucha Underground.


December 2019 saw Bennett installed as Jim Cornette's full-time replacement on NWA Powerrr, which was his most high-profile announcing gig since leaving WWE. He has previously stated a reluctance to return to the promotion as an in-ring performer, though he has excelled as a commentator, drawing acclaim wherever he has worked.

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