WALTER Unhappy With WWE Survivor Series 2019 Debut?

The NXT United Kingdom Champion speaks out on his main roster cameos.

Walter Seth Rollins Raw

He may be closing in on 300 days as WWE NXT UK Champion, but Austrian bruiser WALTER isn't exactly thrilled with everything that has happened to him over the past few months.

The big man spoke out in a recent interview with Metro UK, touching a number of topics including his participation in the build to Survivor Series 2019, which came in for heavy criticism.

"I wasn't invested in that. I didn't care," said WALTER. "I care about my guys, my group, the sport... but I don't care about all those people being angry at each other. It was a weird match, too: three five-men tag teams and always three guys in the ring. That's when wrestling turns from competition to putting acrobats in a circus to do a show. It's not my world."

It's easy to see why WALTER may not have been pleased with what went down. Yes, he was performing on a grander stage than ever before, but he was eliminated from the match in under three minutes. On top of this, there's a growing consensus that the aura he worked so hard to preserve and protect throughout his indie run has been gradually chipped away since he signed with WWE, with a once-imposing special attraction fast becoming Just A Guy in NXT UK.

Here's hoping things go better for WALTER the next time he shows up on the main roster.

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