Wardlow Addresses Possibility Of Jumping From AEW To WWE

Does the War Dog have interest in following Cody Rhodes to WWE?

Wardlow TNT Title

Given his impressive look and his current position as one of the hottest babyface acts in the business, there's always going to be speculation on AEW's Wardlow having interest from WWE.

Whilst there have been plentiful reports in recent months that Vince McMahon's sports entertainment juggernaut does indeed have interest in the powerhouse - because, frankly, why wouldn't they? - Wardlow himself has now addressed whether he would consider swapping AEW for WWE.

Speaking during a K & S WrestleFest virtual signing (as per Wrestling Inc.), War Dog was outright asked if he would be open to following former AEW EVP Cody Rhodes to New York. Previously, the former muscle of MJF has admitted that Cody returning to WWE got him watching more WWE programming, although right now the one-time Pinnacle man is clearly in no rush to depart All Elite Wrestling.


As Wardlow put it:

"I'm very, very happy where I am. I never say never about anything in life, but as of right now, I am very happy where I am."

Having spent five years on the independent scene, the real-life Michael Wardlow made his AEW debut on the 13 November 2019 episode of AEW Dynamite - where he attacked the aforementioned Rhodes and aligned with MJF.


Now a white-hot singles act who has managed to put the Salt of the Earth behind him, up next for Wardlow is a shot at Scorpio Sky's TNT Championship on this coming week's Dynamite. As for MJF, he's not been seen or even mentioned on AEW programming since cutting his already-infamous 'pipe bomb' promo on the post-Double or Nothing edition of Dynamite last month.

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