Wardlow Is Finally #AllElite! Beats MJF At AEW Double Or Nothing 2022

AEW officially says "hello" to Wardlow at Double Or Nothing... and "goodbye" to MJF?

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Wardlow is finally #AllElite.

After close to three years on All Elite Wrestling television, albeit under MJF's kayfabe employ, the fast-rising big man finally won his freedom at Double Or Nothing 2022. Defeating his former paymaster in one of the most lopsided high-profile matches AEW has ever promoted, the teary-eyed powerhouse was announced as an official roster member.

Confirmation came as "you deserve it!" chants poured down from the building's every crevice. A crowd that was never anything less than 100% on Wardlow's side throughout the match stayed with him until the end.


The bout was effectively a squash. Felled by a dozen Powerbombs as part of Wardlow's latest symphony, MJF had less than nothing for his opponent. Throwing out almost every dirty trick in his playbook, MJF, in one last, desperate roll of the dice, offered to quadruple his former bodyguard's salary. A few minutes later, he was being carried out of the building.

If this was MJF's last match in All Elite Wrestling, he went out the old-school way by putting the next guy up over in the strongest way possible. Dominated, Powerbombed, and stretchered to the back, it was a traditional heel's farewell.


The match's brevity and one-sided layout will inevitably raise further questions on MJF's murky AEW future. We'll bring you further details as they emerge.

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