Warner Bros. Discovery Executives "Pissed" At This AEW Star

WBD execs were "really pissed off" with this AEW talent.

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The legendary Jake 'The Snake' Roberts has irked certain higher-ups at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Speaking on his and Diamond Dallas Page's DDP Snake Pit podcast (as per Wrestling Inc.), Roberts revealed that WBD executives were "pissed off" at the WWE Hall of Famer for bringing a real snake to the ring during his early AEW days.

As Jake detailed:

"They're not going to let a snake back in the ring, period. They were really pissed off that we used the snake. I guess they told us that wasn't going to be allowed, but we tried to do it anyway. They came down hard."

On that topic, Roberts noted how he's open to using an animatronic snake in the future.

"To have the snake move like a snake and come up and open its mouth and all that sh*t, I would love that. I wouldn't mind travelling with that, put it in a small suitcase and throw it overhead."

Back in May 2020, Jake Roberts rolled back the years by draping a snake over Brandi Rhodes. That was a part of Lance Archer's rivalry with Cody Rhodes, with Roberts of course serving as the manager of the Muderhawk Monster.


Following a cameo appearance in the build to the inaugural All Out back in 2019, Jake made a surprise AEW Dynamite appearance the following March. There, he memorably confronted Cody and teased the arrival of a "client"; a client which would end up being the aforementioned Lance Archer.

Since then, Roberts has been a sporadic presence on AEW programming, with him earlier this month named as a special advisor for the company's community outreach program, AEW Together.

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