WCW Legend Debuting For AEW On Next Week's Dynamite

MJF found a face from Chris Jericho's past for the Inner Circle man's next labour.

Juventud Guerrera

Juventud Guerrera is coming to All Elite Wrestling.

The former WCW wrestler's upcoming appearance was announced on last night's Fight for the Fallen special episode of Dynamite, with MJF confirming that Juvi would be Chris Jericho's next opponent as the Five Labours saga continues.

MJF made the announcement after Jericho had defeated his second labour, Nick Gage, in a brutal, bloody deathmatch that brought an almost shocking level of violence to national television. Guerrera wasn't there in person, but the reveal got a big reaction after MJF had hyped him up.


The segment featured a clip from a previous in-ring segment between Jericho and MJF in November 2019, in which the duo referenced Juventud.

MJF also stipulated that Jericho must win by hitting a top rope move. The former AEW Champion readied himself for this last night, Hurricanrana-ing Gage through a pane of glass while the Deathmatch King was sitting atop the turnbuckles.


Guerrera, 46, is best known for his run with WCW from 1996 to 2000, where he wrestled Jericho on previous occasions. He also has notable spells with AAA, CMLL, ECW, and WWE to his name.

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