We Now Know What WWE's Boneyard Match Is

AJ Styles opened up about his WrestleMania clash with The Undertaker...

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When AJ Styles announced that he was challenging The Undertaker to a Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36, eyebrows were raised.

Some were baffled as to why WWE would squander an Undertaker bout with one of the few opponents who could potentially get a great match out of him by saddling it with a hokey gimmick, while everyone was left wondering what the heck a Boneyard match actually was. Well, it appears that we now have answers... well, some at least.

Speaking during a live stream on Mixer, Styles teased what we can expect from the upcoming clash, revealing that the mysterious match will not be taking place inside the ring, it will have no rules and it will feature a grave.

Not to point out the obvious, but that does just sound like three quarters of a Buried Alive match (with the exception that the first quarter of those matches do tend to take place in the ring). This is something Styles also addressed, telling fans that they wanted to be delicate about using words like 'cemetery' but enforcing that it will be different to what they're expecting.

He also revealed that he was happy that he gets to wrestle The Undertaker in this type of situation because he didn't want to compete in an empty arena. And with that, it does seem like the whole thing will go down in a cemetery instead.

It had been widely speculated that a few WrestleMania matches weren't taking place inside the Performance Center and were due to be filmed off-site at a secret location instead. Now that we know this one won't involve the ring, it's clear that the Boneyard Match will be one of these off-site installments.


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