Wesley Snipes Was Almost WWE 24/7 Champion

Yes, Demolition Man and Blade nearly bagged the gold and green.

R-Truth 24/7

WWE's list of 24/7 Champions includes such luminaries as Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Kelly Kelly, Ted DiBiase, Rob Stone, Enes Kanter, Marshmello, Santa Claus and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch.

It's a who's who list of regrettable choices unless you happen to find the 24/7 mayhem entertaining as a side project deployed away from more serious storylines.

In an interview with Sam Roberts, former champ R-Truth revealed that Wesley Snipes wanted to become the first actor to win the belt. When compared to some of the names above (Marshmello?), the Blade star sounds like a top candidate for the silliest title in WWE's sphere.


Snipes pitched the idea to Truth when the WWE star was auditioning for the Eddie Murphy-produced movie 'Dolomite Is My Name'. Snipes, who plays D'Urville Martin in the film, stroked his chin and told Truth he'd quite like to earn some easy press by winning the title.

The pair couldn't make it happen, and Wesley's 24/7 Championship dreams went up in smoke. Maybe he'll show up unannounced and relieve two-time champion Mojo Rawley of his new prize.


24/7 madness continues without any sign of stopping.


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