Westwood One Cancels Vince Russo's Podcast

Russo's Truth with Consequences podcast will now only be available via Patreon.

Vince Russo

Bro, ever heard the one about the former wrestling writer and booker who had his podcast deal cancelled? Seriously, bro, and there wasn’t even a !*$% pole in sight.

To get out of ‘Russo mode’ and back to normality, Vince Russo’s Truth with Consequences podcast has been axed by Westwood One.

Having been on Westwood One for just shy of a year, the ramblings and stories of Russo have come to an end. Well, at least on Westwood One, that is. Going forward, Russo will continue providing his podcast on his Patreon account – and he’s even promised the return of his Vic Venom persona. That would be the same persona he took on in print when he was the editor of WWF Magazine back in the early ‘90s.

In his final Westwood One show, the former WCW head addresses his plentiful critics, such as Jim Cornette, Bruce Prichard, and Eric Bischoff. This being the one and the same Jim Cornette who has made it his ambition to literally piss on the grave of one Vincent James Russo.

After working under Vince McMahon as the Attitude Era began to run rampant, Russo would jump ship to move to WCW – a move that saw him play a major part in sinking that particular WCW ship. A cup of coffee return to WWE would follow in 2002 before Russo took up a more permanent role with the then-emerging TNA.

After several stints with TNA that did absolutely zero to improve the product, Russo has largely been working on several incarnations of his podcast in recent years. And now, well now you’ll have to pay a few bucks to his Patreon account should you wish to listen to further Vince Russo ramblings... bro.

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