What AEW World Champion Jon Moxley Has Been Doing In Lockdown

Sounds like Mox has been keeping busy...

Jon Moxley

In a recent interview with Wrestling Observer Live, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley revealed exactly what he's been up to during the recent global lockdown.

Moxley began his appearance on the show by stating that his 'heart goes out to all the people who are badly affected by this craziness' and acknowledged the recent mass WWE releases which took place yesterday.

However, this seemed to put into perspective just how good the AEW star had things at this point in time as he continued by saying, 'I got it pretty good all things considered. I’m just hanging out stuck in the house with my wife who is my favourite person to hang out with anyway. So we’re just hanging out, you know? Getting it on all over the house, all day…'

We'll let you join those dots.

It's awesome to hear that Moxley is in positive spirits amidst this current global situation and he is openly admitting he's just lucky to be at home with his wife, WWE's Renee Young, during this uncertain spell.

Moxley also mentioned how Young has a cooking project on the go which involves her experimenting with different recipes, meaning the former WWE star has been happily lounging around and waiting to be fed gourmet meals by a 'beautiful woman'.

Not a bad way to spend your lockdown, eh?

His primary reason for being interviewed on the show was to promote his impending AEW title battle with Jake Hager on this week's edition of Dynamite. Moxley would successfully defend his Championship in a pre-recorded No Holds Barred Empty Arena match.

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