What AEW's Jon Moxley Really Thought About Working With Eddie Kingston

Moxley and Kingston got gruesome at Full Gear. How's how the World Champion felt about that...


AEW World Champion Jon Moxley showered Eddie Kingston with praise during the promotion's post-show media conference after Full Gear 2020.

"Maybe everyone hated it, but I thought it was f*cking awesome," said Moxley of his bout with Kingston at Full Gear. "The whole thing with Eddie has been really awesome. I guess I can say good things about him now because our issue, our beef, is squashed for the moment."

Mox went on, noting that the Kingston feud only came about when Lance Archer (Jon's original World Title opponent on 23 September) tested positive for COVID-19. Eddie was suggested as a replacement, and in Moxley's words, "It just made perfect sense. I was like, I know this f*cking guy. I know me and Eddie can sell, in four weeks, I know we can. I just had all the faith in the world."


Moxley defeated Kingston in the pay-per-view main event, forcing him to say "I quit" by wrapping his forearm in barbed wire and applying the Bulldog Choke. It was a sick, brutal, and entirely appropriate ending for one of the nastiest title fights of the year, coming at the end of a deeply personal, emotional feud.

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