What Brock Lesnar Story Did JR Keep From WWE Boss Vince McMahon?

What Vinnie Mac doesn't know won't hurt him...

Nothing happens in or around WWE's world without Vince McMahon knowing about it, right?

Not according to comments from Jim Ross on his popular 'Grilling JR' podcast. AEW's lead announcer, who worked tirelessly for years as a McMahon lieutenant, told the world that he once kept some key info from the boss about one Brock Lesnar.

WWE actually had the option to sign Lesnar after his junior year in college (1999), but JR made an agreement with Brock's amateur wrestling coach J Robinson that'd led the young standout vie for an NCAA Championship in his senior year.


Ross declined to tell McMahon about that little fact, because he knew the WWE patriarch would instruct him to snap Lesnar up ASAP; JR likely knew it was one of Lesnar's ambitions to bag an NCAA title, and he also knew the win might add some more value to him when WWE did come calling.

That's smart - JR did Brock a favour there.


Gerald Brisco, who was great friends with Coach Robinson, was also involved in the decision. It's amazing to think that Vince McMahon knew next-to-nothing about any of this.

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