What Did John Cena Tell Heath Slater About His WWE Run?

'Big Match John' had a lot on his mind...

Recently-returned WWE star Heath Slater told the 'Brisco & Big Ace' show that John Cena once pulled him aside to offer some complimentary words.

After Heath had noted how he turned so many "chicken sh*t" gimmicks into something worthwhile during his first run, he revealed that Cena said such graft hadn't escaped his notice. "They always give you an inch, but somehow you bring it to a mile", JC told Slater.

It meant a lot to Heath that someone the stature of Cena had noticed how hard he was working to make even the most peripheral ('Slater Gator' with Titus O'Neil, the Social Outcasts, his tag-team with Rhyno) ideas an entertaining part of WWE programming.


When he was handed these gimmicks, WWE probably didn't think that Slater would make anything of them, but he took pride in ensuring that they wouldn't fail because of any laziness on his behalf.

Heath returned on Monday's episode of Raw to wrestle and then embrace WWE Champ and former 3MB cohort Drew McIntyre. It remains to be seen whether this was a one-off appearance or the start of something more.


No doubt Slater will make the best of it regardless.

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