What Did Vince McMahon REALLY Think About Jeff Hardy's WWE Backlash 2020 Performance?

A sneak peek from Jeff's WWE Network special reveals all...

The Twitter account @HeelByNatureYT posted a sneak peek at Jeff Hardy's upcoming WWE Chronicle documentary on the Network, and it reveals what Vince McMahon thought about Jeff's comeback performance at Backlash.

Hardy is shown returning back behind the curtain following his Performance Center match with Sheamus on 14 June pay-per-view, and he stops to shake hands with Bruce Prichard and McMahon at Gorilla. That's when Vince told him that his match was "f*cking awesome".

The boss also muttered a quick, "Holy sh*t".


Jeff seemed almost apologetic about getting "blown up" towards the end of the bout, but Vince was having none of it. He was clearly impressed by Hardy's performance, and wanted to let him know it.

Closing the conversation, McMahon added, "it was really good". That made Jeff smile; the match with Sheamus was Hardy's first main card pay-per-view showing since Elimination Chamber 2019. Other matches came during the WrestleMania 35 and Money In The Bank 2020 pre-shows.


Hardy is scheduled to work a cinematic-style 'Bar Fight' rematch with Sheamus on Sunday's The Horror Show At Extreme Rules event.

Vinnie Mac clearly liked what he saw at Backlash and wanted more.

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