What Did WWE's Big Show "Beg" Vince McMahon For?

Show begged and pleaded for 15 long years before finally getting his way...


Big Show has told Gamespot that he literally "begged" Vince McMahon to help bag him his own TV show for close to 15 long years before finally getting his wish.

The giant currently stars in 'The Big Show Show' on Netflix, and that was a dream years in the making for the WWE legend. According to him, McMahon grew sick and tired of hearing Show's pleas, and so did everybody else backstage in the company.

Show believes he "aggravated" everyone within earshot by constantly bringing it up. That whinge binge stretches back as far as 2005-ish. Crikey.


He admitted he "started driving Vince nuts" by claiming that a TV show would be perfect for his personality and allow him to explore more opportunities outside WWE. In fairness to Show, he has always shown a healthy interest in both TV and film.

When he was still with WCW in the 90s, Show (who worked as 'The Giant' in Atlanta) had cameos in films like Jingle All The Way and The Waterboy. He also starred in 2010's WWE-produced comedy Knucklehead and 2019's Fighting With My Family, amongst other minor roles.


McMahon was probably glad of the Netflix deal just to shut Show up.

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