What Happened After Last Night's NXT Went Off The Air?

The fun didn't stop when WWE's cameras did.


Last night's episode of NXT ended with a stare down between Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa before their NXT Title match this Sunday at TakeOver: Portland.

Both men were still eye-to-eye when the cameras faded to black and the show went off the air, but the action didn't stop for the live fans at Full Sail. First, Ciampa hit Cole with his 'Fairytale Ending' finish, then grabbed the mic and addressed the crowd.

The challenger said that he'd had some heart-to-heart chats with his wife about his future when he was benched with a serious neck injury. Ciampa noted that he promised he'd enter WrestleMania 36 weekend as the NXT Champion, and that meant he had to win at TakeOver: Portland.

His emotional speech hinted that Tommaso will be taking "Goldie" back from Cole this weekend, and even included news that Ciampa guaranteed his daughter he'd bring the belt home.

Cole vs. Ciampa headlines a card that now features four title bouts, a singles match between Finn Bálor and Johnny Gargano, and a 'Street Fight' pitting Tegan Nox against old pal Dakota Kai.

Is Ciampa a champ-in-waiting?

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