What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off Air

Seth Rollins and The Fiend had a steel cage match.

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Last night's Raw went off the air with Lana and Lashley locking lips shortly after the 'Ravishing Russian's poor husband Rusev took one to the knackers, though there was more for the crowd in attendance to see beside a man holding his balls in pain.

After the cross-legged Bulgarian had been wheeled out of St. Louis, MO's Enterprise Center, a steel cage dropped around the ring for an impromptu Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and 'The Fiend'.

Things ended in less controversial fashion than their Hell in a Cell encounter, though no less nonsensical given the context of the The Fiend's PPV invincibility. After hitting Wyatt with a series of Stomps, the craven champ made his exit through the cage door for the victory. Oh, and once again, the whole encounter was bathed in an intoxicating red haze.

Seth had won the match, but he hadn't escaped his opponent. After the bell rang, the lights went out, and they returned to see The Fiend having ensnared Rollins with his mandible claw. After a minute or two of holding his opponent in his thrall, Wyatt let go, and that was the end of things.

It's almost as if WWE nearly stumbled into a solution to their impossibly booked Crown Jewel Universal Championship match here... but put it in Raw's dark segment. Smart.

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